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Firstenergy Solutions Reviews

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  • First Energy bill paid on due date, power still shut off

    Not pleased with this company today. Had a bill due today that I was going to pay after feeding my girls breakfast but apparently they had already shut everything off. We are in the middle of a heat wave, I have no place to take my two small children and I am pregnant. On top of things, even though today is the due date since everything is shut off I now have to pay hundreds of dollars more to get everything turned back on AND even after I do that it could take up to THREE days to have everything turned back on. Meanwhile, I have no way to feed my children or cool them down in the heat wave... More...
    AmandaNaylor's Picture   AmandaNaylor    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service and cutomer service

    My fiance thought she had paid our bill but we found in her glove box with the money still inside of it. My daughter calls and says the electric company is here for a shut off. My fiance immediately calls and makes the payment over the phone. We tried to tell the gentleman this information but he pays no attention. So we call first energy to see when they'll come out and turn it back on? we're told 24 to 72 hours later. I asked why will it take so long for you guys to come back and flip a switch. the individual refuses to answer question only repeating what she had said about... More...
    wowU2's Picture   wowU2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Consumer Complaint

    I received a $1000.00 cancelation bill for switching companies. When I realized me contract was with FES for another 2 years I called to try and correct my error in 3 days from the " cancelation" date. They would not help me out, lower the fee or even try and work with me. I would NEVER go back to this company, My bill was around $10.00/month, Im saving .35/month because I switched. I tried to explain all this to them, they didn't care. Terrible customer service. More...
    seriuosly's Picture   seriuosly    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Costumer service ever.

    I did accidentally make a mistake by changing companies before my contract was up, but the company was impossible to work with. I even offered to pay them the months I had paid the other company and any reasonable reinstatement fee. Every offer fell on deaf ears. My average bill might be $70 per month and their only solution was for me to pay the $1000.00 cancellation fee. It's funny how they failed to mention that when the called to get my business. Anyone that would consider going with this company is a fool, myself included. More...
    jojos's Picture   jojos    0 Comments   Comments
  • First Energy does NOT follow their own rules

    I went with First Energy over two years ago and locked into a 2 year contract. I wanted to revert back to my former supplier. So I did as First Energy instructed. I wrote a letter indicating my cancellation at the end of my 2 year contract. I called them a month later because I heard NOTHING from them. They assured me they would take care of my request properly and I asked for a confirmation number, which they didn't freely offer. Two months later I found out that they never removed me as a customer, was not revered back to my supplier, AND I then received a $25 invoice for a... More...
    joggerjed's Picture   joggerjed    0 Comments   Comments
  • FirstEnergy Solutions

    I signed up with FirstEnergy Solutions several months ago for a lower electrical rate. The advertisement I got in the mail indicated I could cancel my contract with them at any time with no penalty. Last month I got an advertisement from another electrical supplier that had a lower rate. I signed up. Out of the blue last week I received a cancellation invoice from FirstEnergy Solutions for $150.00. Apparently they have no qualms about advertising a falsehood to get your business. I would encourage all to avoid doing business with this firm. Honesty is not a company value. Jan Hintze More...
    jhintze's Picture   jhintze    4 Comments   Comments
  • FirstEnergy Solutions gives you the run around to cancel a contract

    I had a guaranteed contract with FE Solutions for 2012. When it came time to renew, I declined via a phone call. Then I got a letter saying if I didn't call a number (877-283-0685) by a set date, the contract would be automatically renewed. When I called that number, I was told they couldn't cancel the contract and that I had to call another number. When I called that number, I was either left on hold or the office was closed. I called the first number again and had to insist on speaking to a supervisor. She told me that the number in the letter is so they can talk you into... More...
    lizwright's Picture   lizwright    1 Comments   Comments
  • First Energy Solutions screwed me

    I switched to First Energy Solutions on the promise of rates lower than Commonwealth Edison, my local distribution utility in Chicago. My recollection was that the rate quoted was around $0.05 per kwh. Within months of converting -- without notice to me -- the rate skyrocketed to nearly $0.10 per kwh -- approxomately doubling and, in fact, well above that of Commonwealth Edison. I don't know whether electricity suppliers are obligated to give written notice of such a horrendous rate increase. I do know that I never received notice from this company. I would recommend that... More...
    givot's Picture   givot    1 Comments   Comments

Firstenergy Solutions Reviews By Product

Firstenergy Solutions Comments

Heidi09 says: (4 years ago)
Our power has gone out 3 times today. Its getting very annoying. Please fix this proble, first energy.

Kate59 says: (4 years ago)
Never signed a contract with First Energy, but apparently I was sent a notice on my bill (fine print) which told me that I could opt out by a specific date. Did not read/see. Then I recently switched to another energy company for lower rates and received a 50 dollar cancellation fee for a contract never signed. Rip off. I talked to one woman on the phone and was told I was "assigned" the company by a government aggregation. She was helpful and apologetic but could not resolve my problem. I was connected to another person and was told it was not possible to remove the charge. I told him I would NEVER go back to first energy and was NOT going to pay the bill and that I would be writing a letter to Better Business. This is totally unacceptable. What a scam!!

JOEBLOW7777 says: (5 years ago)

mykittysnores says: (5 years ago)
I too was scammed by Firstenergy Solutions. They promised me a lower rate on my electric bill in November 2011. Come to find out the rate jumped up January 2012. They said it was my responsibility to call for rates periodically. I ask to be let out of my contract because I have been paying such high rates for the past year. They said I have to pay them $100. I ended up calling the Pennsylvania Utility Commission. This has not been resolved yet. If more people call the utility commission and complained they would have to answer to them.

stealth9tn says: (6 years ago)
I also had problems with first energy,they had me on a contract until 2015 which I never signed and when agrregation came in I switched to a company that had a cheaper rate.First Energy charged me 25.00 for breaking the contract and Ohio Edison which First Energy is the parent company of raised my service rates to make up the difference.I think we need to have some type of comsumer protection fro these companies.

tltmk1 says: (6 years ago)
How can I be billed 515.38 for 3926 kwh used at 8.18 cents per kWh???? Shouldn't it be 321.15 plus tax??????????

The rep gave me a Dec 2 reading (when I moved in) of 48430 and I gave the rep my actual meter reading on February 28 of 52356 which mean I used 3926 actual kwh (even less because number on meter were rounded up)

What is going on? I have talked to 2 reps and they were no help in resolving this matter.

Tammy O'Brien
acct. number 10 00 89 4253 0 8

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